Residential Burglary Repairs

Residential Burglary Repairs


Being broken into is a very invasive and often scary, distressing experience. Our priority is to reach you as soon as humanly possible and make your home safe and secure within the shortest time.


We will give you an accurate time of arrival which is usually 20 to 40 minutes after your call, if we can’t make it in that time we will tell you at outset. Once inside, we’ll do a thorough evaluation of all points of entry and go over your options to secure them wherever necessary. We don’t just look at the point of entry; we offer a free survey of the whole property and advice on securing it against intruders in future. Your insurance should cover most work (usually like for like) but just in case we’ll keep the cost down as much as we can, whilst ensuring you are left 110% confident that your property is secure.


Commercial Locksmiths in London

We’re just as comfortable with commercial properties as we are with residential ones. We often perform jobs like these for pubs, restaurants, clubs, gyms, leisure facilities, hotels, offices, shops and other commercial buildings.


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