We are all spending much more time at home, but that doesn’t mean we can rest easy in thinking our homes are entirely free from the threat of thefts.

Home security is still very important, especially during the summer months when doors and windows are more likely to be left open, and high-value items can be left out in the garden. There are high-tech security solutions and deterrents, but we have other tips for physically beefing up your home security.

1. Reinforce the front door

Nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of burglars gain access through the front door, so this should be the first place for home security improvements. To begin with, make sure your lock conforms to British standards BS 3621, as this certifies a minimum level of performance, and is recognised by insurers, should the worst happen.

Fitting a spy hole to your front door will deter potential thieves, and fixing a latch chain will add another level of security.

2. Safeguard windows

Windows are another favourite entry point for intruders. Make sure to keep all windows locked when you’re not in the room. For added protection, installing window bars can stop burglars from gaining access.

If you want options other than window bars, cable window restrictors are a more subtle alternative for the home. They can be drilled into the window frame, letting you get some fresh air without leaving you open to intruders.

3. Invest in a home security system

Even the sight of a home security system alone can be enough to deter opportunistic burglars. If you’re opting for a CCTV system, consider which area it should cover. It’s recommended to position your cameras towards valuables like cars or to capture weak spots around the home.

There are many economical alternatives to a full home security system, such as smart doorbells that record video of your driveway.

Give your smart doorbell and alarm boxes a good dusting down, and wipe them with a damp cloth to have them looking new, and show any potential thieves that you’re serious about home security.

4. Garden watch

Criminals don’t like to get caught, so they will scope out their targets to find the easiest points of entry and track the patterns of homeowners, and an overgrown garden can give them just the cover they need to hide and watch your property.

Cut down overgrown trees and trim back bushes, removing any shaded or covered areas that aren’t visible from your windows, where criminals can move around your property unseen.

5. Keep it locked up

Keep all your valuables, such as bicycles and garden tools locked away each night in the shed or garage. A standard bolt and hardened steel padlock are difficult to break into, but if you want extra protection, then a deadlock or a smart lock – which requires a corresponding fob or up to a 20-digit code to open – will offer greater peace of mind.

If you need to improve your home security, locksmith services in Hackbridge can help, so come and chat with us today.

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