Burglary Repairs

Burglary Repairs

Residential/ COMMERCIAL Burglary Repairs

Being broken into is a very invasive and often scary, distressing experience. Our priority is to reach you as soon as humanly possible and make your home safe and secure within the shortest time.

We will give you an accurate time of arrival which is usually 20 to 40 minutes after your call, if we can’t make it in that time we will tell you at outset. Once inside, we’ll do a thorough evaluation of all points of entry and go over your options to secure them wherever necessary. We don’t just look at the point of entry; we offer a free survey of the whole property and advice on securing it against intruders in future. Your insurance should cover most work (usually like for like) but just in case we’ll keep the cost down as much as we can, whilst ensuring you are left 110% confident that your property is secure.

24 Hour Emergency Burglary Repairs

Homes and commercial properties throughout UK get burgled every day and most of these burglaries are due to old or faulty locks on doors and windows. We believe in supporting local areas including (in terms of safety) so we offer a free security survey to secure your home or workplace. If you fall victim to a burglary or break-in, please call us immediately and we will arrive as soon as possible to secure your space. Our burglary repair services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and we will treat your call as a matter of urgency to ensure your safety and the safety of your family or workforce. Get in touch with us for an immediate response fast burglary repair service.

When a break-in happens at home or at work you are most likely to be left with property damage to an extent. Some houses or offices will experience much more serious damage than others but we handle all types of burglary damage 24/7. Our burglary repair services will arrive as soon as possible to ensure your safety at the time of the crime and from there onwards. Whether you require locks repaired, sameday lock replacement, rekey service, keys extracted from a broken lock, windows and frames repaired, new windows replaced, or same day door repairs and replacements, our expert technicians know exactly what needs to be done to secure your property.

We offer a full range of 24-hour lock services, key services, glazing services and boarding up services tailored to suit you. ideal locksmiths are qualified and experienced in all aspects of burglary repairs and services.

Boarding Up 24-Hour Emergency Carpenters

Looking for a boarding up service fast? We are OPEN NOW and 24/7! We are experienced in providing a quality boarding up service for fast-response burglary repairs and vacant property protection 24/7.

Had a Break-In or Burglary? Need a Property Boarded Up?

We attend crime scenes often throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional 24-hour engineers know exactly what to do in cases of boarding up to secure property fast. In cases where a broken door is beyond repair and a full door replacement is required we can board up your broken door to ensure safety is kept at your home or commercial building, until a replacement is sourced and installed. Your property is still at risk even after the burglary has taken place as this is when the locks are broken, and access is easy and known. We will board up smashed glass and smashed windows to ensure your safety and the safety of your family, staff or assets. Get in touch for a 24-hour same day board up service.

Boarding Up Vacant Property Protection Services

Property security is incredibly important now in the UK and if you have an empty property it is highly advised that you make it a secure. We provide a full range of 24 hour boarding up services to protect vacant property throughout London and the surrounding areas. Boarding up to protect vacant property has been part of our service for over 15 years and we believe in a perfect quality finish including access points where required. Contact us for 24-hour vacant property protection services.

Having problems with locks or keys?

We guarantee our experts will be there in under 30 minutes!