Garages and Sheds

Garages and Sheds

Residential/ COMMERCIAL Garages and Sheds

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We can repair or upgrade most makes of garage door.

As well as protecting your motor, a solid garage door with a decent locking system will provide another barrier to potential burglars; conversely a simple or defective garage door lock can be an open invitation to gain easy access to your property.


Can you imagine how you’d feel if someone pinched your power tools? How about lifting your lawn mower? It’s tempting to laugh at the thought of someone making off over the fence with your watering can but thefts of expensive equipment from sheds and outbuildings is far more common than you’d think and the police advise securing your tools behind a proper lock in the same way you do your household possessions.

Commercial Outbuildings & Warehousing

A common mistake with commercial property is for all the focus to be on the main building, and then something valuable is left in an outbuilding and is stolen. We offer specialist advice and fitting of locks and security systems for all your outbuildings, you can request a site visit today.

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