Everyone knows that a locksmith repairs locks and replaces or duplicates keys, and we know that should we lock ourselves out of our homes or cars, the locksmith is who to call.

And even if crime figures have dropped during the coronavirus pandemic, a locksmith can help bring peace of mind after a break-in, making sure we are safe in our own homes. But there is much more to this ancient profession than most people know, so here are 4 interesting facts about locksmiths.


1. It’s a profession that has been around for thousands of years

There is evidence that locksmithing has been around for over 4,000 years, originating from Egypt and Babylon, before spreading to Greece, Rome, and China.

The oldest lock ever found, near Niniveh, in the Khorsabad ruins, is believed to be from 4,000 BC, was made out of wood, and worked similarly to the locks we used today. It is believed that one of the first jobs of locksmiths was to protect the tombs of rulers in the pyramids of Giza.

2. An apprenticeship is required to become a locksmith

The apprenticeship is required, not necessarily to teach the apprentice specific skills, but rather, to ensure that they will abide by the ethical conduct required of all locksmiths, proving to be honest and trustworthy individuals.

3. Locksmithing involves a lot of different skills

Their skills lie far beyond simply picking locks and cutting keys. A good locksmith is also a mechanic, a security expert, an engineer, and a carpenter. In other words, a good locksmith needs to have a well-rounded set of skills.

5. Some locksmiths have become famous by combining their trade with another talent

Harry Houdini, the famous illusionist and escape artist, became a locksmith’s apprentice at the age of 11. During his apprenticeship, he learned to pick just about any lock – a skill that paved the way for him to become the successful escape artist he was.

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