Even though crime rates have dropped during the lockdown, home and property break-ins remain a serious risk in the UK. The Spurs and England footballer Dele Alli was targeted and burgled on 14 May, when thieves got past his private security and made off with watches worth thousands.

But you don’t have to go to the extremes that football stars have gone to, to protect your home. We have some top tips to deter potential burglars.


How to put off potential intruders


Light it up

A home with a well-lit exterior will deter burglars, and attract unwanted attention to any uninvited guests attempting to gain access. Motion sensor lights offer a more eco-friendly option, as they only light up when activated by movement.


Look out above

The majority of burglaries occur via windows and doors, but there could be other points of entry to your home you might not have considered, especially if you live in a flat.

Some blocks of flats may have loft spaces and areas above ceilings that are not compartmentalised to each home, and intruders can potentially access these areas, granting them entry to apartments through loft hatches.

It may not be possible to make structural changes to your home if it is in a flat, but you can protect yourself with better hatch security, such as padlocks and deadlocks.


Gravel driveway

Gravel driveways are an attractive and cost-effective option compared with other material alternatives and can add an extra level of security compared with flat surfaces. The loud crunching noise produced when someone walks over a gravel driveway can be heard in the home and by neighbours, helping you detect unwanted visitors.



When securing your home, don’t forget to check the rest of the property such as gates, sheds, garages, etc. An unlocked shed can give an intruder access to tools that would make a break-in much easier.

Heavy objects can be used to smash windows, while crowbars, pliers and even blowtorches are among the other tools that have been used to force entry into homes.


Hiders outside the house

Burglary is rarely spontaneous, and criminals may have been scoping out your property for several weeks before making a move. They will be looking for possible entry-points and make notes on the times you’re not around, so they can strike while you’re out.


Dark and overgrown gardens are the perfect spot for potential intruders to wait for an opportunity to strike. Keep your front and back gardens neat and tidy and avoid overgrown shrubbery around your property to limit the number of potential hiding places.


Limit what you share

It’s easy to give out too much information on social media, so stay aware. Criminals would prefer to break into an empty property, so tagging yourself on holiday, and sharing your snaps of the beach will give them the go-ahead.

A recent study found posting to social media on holiday or even boasting about new purchases puts you at risks of being robbed, so make sure to keep your profile private and restricted to friends and family only.

If you need a 24 hour locksmith to improve the security of your locks and doors, contact us today.


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